Its been a tough week. Was not able to post a normal blog, so here is another attempt at poetry. This is my expression of the story of the Bible with a lens on the symbol of a table throughout.


The Table

At the table of perfect fellowship, a holy decree

Was moved forward in love from thy One in Three

The image was breathed into life and he was given

A wife, a call, but a choice would curse his dominion

Still in his mercy, a people of his own he would call

In providence, he instituted a law to protect them after the fall

In their sin, a perfect fellowship was no longer able

So he required a holy place to bring offering to a table

In prophecy and promise, the LORD God said to him

I am your shepherd you shall not want

A table is prepared before your enemies

To him after God’s own heart

The Law is good and true God said to David the king

But salvation is not in it, My Messiah in your line I will bring

The fulfillment of law in perfect grace will come to thee

In the person of Christ, the table will be special ministry

Some of the most precious moments of our Savior’s time

Would be surrounded by tax collector and sinners as they dine

Around the tables, hope and faith in sinners they would find

Around the tables, the eleven and Jesus reclined

Even the few eleven would not believe the cross he would meet

So Jesus bent down from the table to prepare and wash their feet

On the same night with the one who betrayed and the one he loved

He introduced the new covenant, at the table

He gave bread as his body, wine as his blood

After the cross, and tomb death had not won

At a table, He told, He would drink it new with us in His Father’s Kingdom


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